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Core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercise. As you develop core strength, you develop stability throughout your entire torso. Most exercises let us cheat. It’s easy to churn out reps without engaging our core or using a stronger side to compensate for a weaker one. Over time, the neglected muscles weaken and cannot respond when the brain signals them to move.

rebalanced SF activates your body’s neuromuscular system and dormant core muscles, and corrects muscle imbalances caused by trauma, pain, overuse, or inactivity. rebalanced SF uses unique suspension exercises based on the Redcord system. Due to controlled instability your muscles are “fired up” the right amount at the right time.

Every Body Can Benefit from Redcord
The Redcord system is ideal for strengthening the spine of back pain sufferers with ability to offload the body. Pilates fans will enjoy the highly targeted muscle activation techniques to gain workout efficiency. Redcord is also highly effective for cross-fit training with multi-point suspension to challenge you in ways you didn’t think were possible. No matter what fitness level or health goal Redcord has a path.
Ideal for Back Pain Sufferers
The Redcord system is ideal for strengthening the spine of back pain sufferers. It is common to believe that if you’re suffering with chronic back pain that you shouldn’t put your back under any kind of strain. While it is important to rest your back, inactivity can result in weakened muscles and increased pain. The Redcord system offered by rebalanced SF is a safe way to strengthen the spine, which in turn helps to relieve back pain!
Group Training and Personal Training in Hayes Valley
Rebalanced SF offers personal training in addition to training sessions in small groups. Not everybody is able to focus while training as part of a group, which is why rebalanced SF provides the option of personal training Hayes Valley in both Pilates and the Redcord system. Contact Justin to schedule your personal training or group session: